RT Systems makes radio programming easier, different and more flexible. They have supported ham radios for many years and now have programming software for DMR radio, including the Anytones. RTS has a new feature called DMR calculator and it provides an easy method to clone zones. Very handy when PNWDigital adds another repeater to the network.

PNWDigital has a referral or affiliate code/URL: rtsystemsinc.com/?AffId=2, that provides PNWDigital with a small earnings that doesn’t cost you a penny. Better yet, there is a 10% discount code for you (through 12-31-23). The code is: “PNWDMR“, to be used on your order form.

RTS also sells on Amazon if you wish to check there, but pricing is higher. At RTS, most DMR programming software is currently $25 before discount. Programming cables are also available, around $11 for most DMR radios.

RTS supports the following DMR makes/models, likely more as time goes on.

  • Anytone – 868, 878, 578 (both versions I and II)
  • Baofeng – DM-1701 (we don’t recommend this manufacturer generally)
  • Alinco – MD5, MD5X, MD520
  • BTech – 6X2
  • Retevis – RT-3, RT-3S, RT-8, RT-82, RT-84
  • TYT – MD-380, MD-390, MD-UV380, UV-390, MD-730, MD-2017, MD-9600

While RTS software can replace Anytone CPS (except for FW updates), we suggest that both can be and should be used as each have their own different features. The DMR calculator for one and the ability to selectively ring in the current listing of DMR contacts for another. We typically add the USA and British Columbia digital contacts only to our community codeplugs as that covers 99.8% of our likely users and it loads about twice as fast as the full 200,000 plus worldwide listing. All other sources fo the digital contacts list charge for the selective downloads.

RTS has been in business for over 25 years, is ham owned and has more than 100 radio models that their software now supports. RTS has supported our Gathering Fundraiser as well. Check them out: RT Systems Please use our referral code/URL and also our discount code: PNWDMR when you order.

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