We are working to implement an updated network reporting system with the use of Zabbix.

Some of the many tools available are nightly runs of the days repeater activity. These reports can be Emailed to repeater owners, managers and other interested members in PDF form.

Soon we will be providing Emailed notices of repeaters going off-network to their owners/managers with variable trigger points of 5 minutes to 2 hours down before the Email is sent.

There will many options available and more information will be added here as features are added.

If you wish to see the current status of the network assets, goto: System Status Page

This is a wonder network project that is being provided by Dave, W7NCX

Here’s a sample of Daily Repeater Activity for the Portland – West Hills repeater

  • showing significant network activity on TS 1 Cascades net around 0800
  • showing significant network activity on TS 1 Happy Hour net at 1700
  • Showing significant network activity on TS 1 (green) Oregon Statewide net at 1900
  • Showing random local and network activity on both timeslots from ~0800 to ~0915
  • Line 3) Active Local User (green is TS1 and red is TS 2)
  • Line 2) Active Network Traffic (green is TS1 and red is TS 2)
  • Line 1) Normal state; on-network and repeater idle
  • Line 0) Repeater is off network, may also show a break in the horizontal red line at the 1 line

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