An imperfect analogy:

  • The c-Bridge is a router, IPSC connection is a VLAN trunk, Talk Group is a VLAN on that trunk, at least in the sense that the packet is tagged with a VLAN-ID/Talk Group ID. 
  • Each Manager is a vSwitch that acts more like a hub.
    • Each Manager has one arbitrarily defined master member, and the rest of the members are peers.
    • The master simply publishes the peer list.
    • Every member is responsible for sending copies of every packet to every other member on the Manager, the Manager does not repeat anything.
  • The c-Bridge is only in the audio path for calls that route between multiple Managers.
  • The repeaters connect to the vSwitch Manager, and their own programming configures “VLAN interfaces” for each Talk Group.
  • Repeaters and their Talk Group line-up…as well as multiple repeaters on a single IPSC network as based very wide-ranging ideas, needs, planning, purpose and ownership of 1 or more repeaters.
    • So LOCAL is dumb and not managed, while calls into the c-Bridge are fully managed and routed.
  • Location of the repeaters plays into which Talk Groups are available and their PTT/FT and timer settings. 

First Published: January 9, 2022 Last Updated: 2 years ago by Mike – NO7RF

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