Video meetings that we use

PNWD uses Zoom primarily, but we have other options We have also used Jitsi but have found Zoom to be the best though expensive expensive while RingCentral is very good, free and software optional.

Our weekly On the air “Gathering – Not-a-Net” is held on Wednesdays at 1900 local, Talkgroup: PNW Regional 2 (31771, effective 2-2-22) from 1900 local for up to 2 hours.

The Tech Session begins around 2000 hours over the air and generally on Zoom.

Zoom is available to all members by going to, password generally not needed but is: pnwdigital Back-up URL’s:
or just:

Signal is available for text or video at: You will need a free Signal account. No ads, private and secure, a real Gem of a service not well known but is USA based unlike Zoom (China).

Ring Central is available also:, password generally not needed but is: pnwdigital. No software needed (but is recommended as are Chrome or Edge browsers)

If Google meeting is used the URL is: A Google account is required (gmail is fine).

If you join our Zoom session after the Tech Net portion of the Gathering, then here’s more information to help bring up our Signal-to-Noise ratio: We have some “guidelines” to try to make this operate smoother and be for effective, especially for the tech question and with our newest DMR members having some priority.We may have a moderator to help shepherd the session.  If not then this will be the general flow:

  • We use the chat window, so please open it and watch for messages and write if you wish.
  • Update your screen name to: Name – Call Sign while waiting or a soon as you enter the room
  • Please mute your audio and try to stay muted unless you intend to talk now or soon.
  • We have a soft end-of-session target of 1 hour, it may well go longer which is fine too.
  • Moderator will make introductions, remind you to mute or ID, general housekeeping
  • New Zoom attendees will be identified and welcomed, etc
  • Typically a quick round to say hi to or have everyone say hi, moderator’s choice on how
  • Ask for tech questions or anything operational for PNWDigital
    • Try to ID the quick questions and those will go first
    • More detailed or questions that bog down may be held-off for a bit
  • Helpful if folks would use Chat to say I have a question, try to take them in order or shorter first.
  • Raise your hand if you have something pressing…we are trying to cut down on the doubles and extraneous noise.
  • If you have an idea on how to better manage our sessions, please put them in chat or raise your hand.

All this is to try to make our sessions more productive.  By the time the members enter to the room, the NCS, admins, tech team folks are already an hour into the session…let’s make this additional hour (or more) count.If one of our repeaters does not currently carry PNWR 2, let us know that you would like to have it available and we will add it to our repeaters or check with the repeater owner for their approval.

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