The Gathering for the 2023 has passed. This page will be our recap on the event and will expand as we “Gather” feedback from our presenters, hosts and other staff that made this event a success. We also plan to post presenters’ files as they come available to us.
Check back over the course of the next few weeks is you wish to learn more about the weekend.
You may leave comments at the bottom of this page or Email us at:

  • Grand Prizes donated by LGR, Steve N9VW was the winner of the 578-II with matching BT Mic/Speaker/Display
  • Bat Walk – An interesting walk around the camp at dusk hosted by Greg AC7RX
  • Food, not just a lunch…so much more; Kudos to Teena K9HAV, camp co-host
  • Weather was perfect, warm in the sun, cool in the pavilion with the mild breeze
  • Though we did no ticket awards for oldest/youngest/newest/farthest, here’s the distances:
    • Chuck N7CVR Boise ID 465 miles
    • Dave K7MDT Missoula MT 447 miles
    • Doug VE7CQT, Vancouver BC 266 miles
  • Valley Camp weekend stats from our camp hosts to be posted.
  • “DMR Gathering 2024” is reserved for July 26-28 2024, the last weekend in July
    • NEEDED: overall coordinator and presentation coordinator before the end of 2023

Presentations Directory – Files located in PNWDigital IO Groups (must be a member)

Alternate Public Directory – Soon

RT Systems has provided PNWDigital with affiliation and a 10% discount code (PNWDMR) which is good through the end of the year.

Teena provided the food service consumption:
DMR 2023 food recap

13 Coffee air pots 5 Hot water air pots 5# Camano Island Papau New Guinea medium roast
12# Burgers 3# Chicken burgers 3# Black Bean Burgers
6# Macaroni salad 6 Potato salad 50 Individual bags of chips
150 cookies 150 +- paper plates
Unknown # of new friends made Unknown # of old Friends reunited
Many questions anwered Good times by all See you all in 2024


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