Net: RV and Travelers Net and More / TG: PNWR 2 (31771) @1900

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Date(s) - October 25, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Tuesday evenings at 1900 on PNW Regional (TGID: 31771, TS 2)

NOTE:  This net re-start is off to a rocky beginng, so may appear irregularly or be discontinued again.

The restart of the 2022 nets, begins TUESDAY April 5th 1900 hrs on PNW Regional.  

We have officially found 2, and hopefully, 4 NCS for the RV Travelers NET return for 2022!  Craig W7CDP, Duff WA7BFN and in the wings Jeff KG7HZT and Gregor KJ7ZOK.   Hopefully more will join the NCS team for this net or PNWD’s other homegrown nets!

A new name/acronym is pending for this net, suggestions welcome as we want to encompass a wider pallet of subjects this year.

In order to increase appeal to more participants this year, we are widening the topics to four areas:

  • RVing and Radios in RVs
  • General camping and portable radio (including POTA/SOTA)
  • Off-road radio use outside repeater range
  • On-road mobile radio tips and best practices

In all these areas we will encourage DMR when it makes sense, but will not lock ourselves into DMR only.

Format: Net control will solicit 3-5 check-ins at a time, in order to allow rechecks that promote dialog between participants.  Net control will present 1-2 “questions of the day” that participants may give opinions upon or discuss other topics of their own choosing.

Potential questions:

  • RVing:
    • Mounting Antennas on RVs?
    • Powering Radios and solar?
    • Motorhome vs Trailer vs 5th vs camper?
    • RV security?
    • Favorite camping areas/campgrounds in PNW?
  • Camping
    • Things to bring as a ham that differ from normal camping?
    • POTA tips (and does DMR fit into POTA as a tool)?
    • Keeping in contact/satellite device suggestions?
    • Family comms—GMRS/FRS?
    • Favorite remote campsites?
  • Off-road
    • GMRS vs Analog ham bands vs simplex DMR?
    • Enforcing licensing in a group outing?
    • Trail friendly vehicle antennas and mounts?
    • Keeping batteries charged in HTs?
    • Best radios for off-road?
    • Favorite trails/areas?
  • Mobile
    • DMR on the road and roaming strategies?
    • DMR outside PNWDigital areas?
    • Radios/Antennas/mounting for vehicles?
    • Road safety while using radios?
    • Mobile hotspot configuration and tips?

Net control will also solicit suggestions for future topics to add to this list.

The newsletter project will not start up as submissions from the membership have not been plentiful.  Thanks Duff for all the work that went into the past newsletters!

Net control will also solicit suggestions for future topics to add to this list.

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