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[Sticky] UPDATE: Website and Back End Services Update

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Mike - NO7RF
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We are very close to done on this transition to a new Website.  Done, well, not really sure it will ever be done as it is evidently a living presence.  But most everything has transitioned over, the content freshedend, hundreds of hotlinks updated and most of the backend services are working.

This was a large effort to get implemented.  Hundreds of hours of team development time to get this to float.  Kudo's to the team for their effort to get to this point on Rev 3 of the PNWDigital websites:

Michael KG7HQ is the web guy.  Michael created our previous website and now this new site is based on WordPress.  Michael runs a tight ship security-wise and nothing has runamuck as yet.  He fleshed out the look and feel as well as modified it as the team made input.  Once that dust field settled, he converted a base set up pages and from there we have more than 75 pages, all refreshed and current.

Steve N9VW has the database expertise.  He has parsed out the 25,000 lines of code in the c-Bridge and created the ACB files for the codeplugs, the talkgroup viewer (I call it the booger picker as it helps me find my mistakes), the TG matrices and numerous other frontend and backend processes that make this site useable by the admins, members and viewing public.

Dave W7NCX is the IT/IP/Server guy with database contributions as well.  Dave and Steve worked together on a number of the projects.  Dave has created and manages many of our MMDVM servers, all of the network monitoring (hundreds of presences monitored) and buildout much of the admins backend services.  Soon some will join the frontend and the membership will be able to use them.

Mike NO7RF is the c-Bridge guy and mostly manages web pages and is still learning WordPress and generally mucks with the pages to keep them more or less current.


While there is still a significant amount still to do (new pages and more automation), the round in the effort is complete.  But more will follow, so stay tuned.

Mike, NO7RF

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