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PNWD's DNR Repeater Sites Update

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Mike - NO7RF
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It is well known now that PNWDigital has been affected by the DNR's recent effort to remove the hams from many of their sites.  Leaving the leasing issues out of this post, PNWD has 3 sties directly if not immediately affected:

Blyn, Gold and Rattlesnake.  Olympia is somewhat still up in the air.

So the immediate changes are as of this date is:

Gold is lost, hardware has been removed
Blyn is off-network, RF is OK, soon to be removed
Rattlesnake is a mess, we are out of the DNR building but still at risk of loss in a private building
Olympia can go either way, likely lost soon

So what are we doing about it:

Tacoma / Baldi: We added 220 DMR and opened up VHF to regular use
Seattle Metro changed internet away from HamWAN is now back on network
Looking at several other replacement sites, likely not to install until Spring/Summer of 2022

Mike, NO7RF

Mike - NO7RF
Joined: 1 year ago
Posts: 82
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5-31-22:  Some news, good and bad.

  • Rattlesnake:  Equipment removed, site lost.  This was a site on DNR land that DNR had ownership in...but for the land...everything lost, building, tower, power, copper pairs, back up power.  DNR owned none of it and wanted 5000 a year to allow the city to stay on-site.
  • Capital Peak: DNR kicked out HamWAN, their equipment is gone, we lost the Internet and plan to replace it with LTE, still trying to stay in the site but unknown if DNR will ultimately allow it.
  • Ariel:  Still working on it
  • Oso:  Government agency kicked us out due to space for new P25 system.  Possibly can return in a year when old comm gear is removend.
  • Other repeaters are in the works, some very soon as replacements for DNR sites and some new.  Stay tuned.
  • All PNW-E repeaters are back on the network after Internet routing was fixed by Lumen

Mike, NO7RF

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Thank you for keeping us up to date.



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