Brandmeister Activity

We had some issues with BM’s sending private call data to PNWDigital. What was enabled for APRS-D traffic outbound to APRS (via a BM gateway) recently began sending us a large quantity of private calls.

The offending link has been removed by BM admin and all now appears more normal. However…

We are still getting alot of non-conforming group call traffic that shows up on our side as “Unknown IPSC xxxx”. We are trying to manage this traffic and that is a project in slow motion. Short of removing these links with Brandmeister, they are going to be problematic for now, as we try to develop mitigation.

The other major issue is that Brandmeister created their 2 digit extentions of the assigned RID’s. We us’s database and these extentions do not conform. So on our side, the c-Bridge will and cannot alias them to their not extension format. So these ID’s show up as the raw 9 digit values. We have some tools but it is rather brute force (blocking) but that is not ideal. We are working with Ravennet (developer of the c-Bridge hardware and software) to add more elegant control of this and other issues.

Till then, we suggest using the tools in Callwatch to filter out the call history. It is a poor stop-gap solution but does work to filter out the FM activity.

Or try this FilterMAX, which kills off most of the outside of PNWDigital traffic on PNW-A:|H KS|BC TRBO%26reject=3102|3103|DMR-MARC|TAC 31|Bridge|Worldwide|English|Unknown

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