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Where is all the DMR Traffic? / The Friendly Network

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Where is all the DMR Traffic?  The Friendly Repeater...or there's a lot of listenin' goin' on here...Why is everyone listening but not responding to me?

Many of our talkgroups are on PTT, meaning they are part time or normally "off".  A kerchunk or quick PTT will enable them for a short period of time, typically 15 minutes unless kept active by a local user.

But asside for the status of a talkgroup, it may be more a question asked from time to time that seems to have a story worth exploring.  Long story short, we all need to make an effort to engage when someone throws out the call without expressly asking for a QSO, radio check or something specific. 

This page was created about 5 years ago over on the DCI website, it is still appropriate today.  For all the dollars tied up in our network and network of repeaters, seems it takes a check-in net to generate activity. Take a read through this thoughtful page about our quiet repeaters.  <The Friendly Repeater>

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