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Pacific Northwest DMR
East Side DMR Symposium

November 18, 2017
 (last updated: 11/14/2017 20:52)


UPDATE:  The event is FULL!  RSVP's made after November 11, are not guaranteed and will go onto a reserve list in order of registration for SRO if we still have room and food may not be available.  We will try not to turn anyone away.

If you have already registered and know that you will not be able to attend, please kindly Email: Rod, KC7AAD, so that space can be made available to others, please let us know ASAP.  Everyone: your reserved seat will be held until 0920 then released to others in order of their late RSVP's.  Thanks!


DMR Symposium Details

  • Who:  East Side DMR Users and PNW DMR are sponsoring the event

  • Why:  To spread the word about Ham DMR and increase the knowledge for hams interested this digital mode

  • For:  All Hams interested in learning more about DMR and operating on the PNW DMR Network

  • Where:  Best Western Plus Lake Front Hotel at Moses Lake, 3000 Marina Dr, Moses Lake, 509-675-9211, Map, Lat/Long:  47.102749 -119.3183522 (meeting room in the basement)

  • When:  November 18, 2017 from 0900-1430 hours, door open by 0850 (likely to go longer; bring a cot!)

  • Cost:  $10 to help a defray portion of the costs of the event, 10-spot at the door, but reserve your seat ASAP as seating is limited to 40 (now 48 with overflow)!

  • What is provided:

    • Agenda and any handouts; Agenda (final)

    • Door prizes and grand prize drawings, free tickets provided, a few extras for sale

    • Buffet breakfast at 0930; scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, fresh fruit, Danish or muffin, assorted juices, coffee and water

    • CS-580's (new) for sale at cost, programmed, ready to use with temporary ID's, available after breakfast.

    • Presentations; Basic DMR information, network overview, best use of the PNW DMR network

    • Demonstrations, Show-N-Tell: openSPOT, various HT's, mobiles, DMR radio test test, repeaters, NetWatch on large screen; hands-on.

    • Swap-N-Sell; make up a 3x5 card and drop on the table to browse as space is limited for items in the meeting room, MC might run through the cards as time permits throughout the day.

    • It is likely that we will run out of time with everything we are planning, might go long...we have the room until 1630.

  • Lunch Break; 1 hour; close-by options (hotel does not allow outside food/drink in the meeting room but room is available during lunch for informal networking, demo, etc)

  • Hotel Accommodations:  Best Western (event location), Fairfield (7 miles from event; several hams have reservations there already; approximately $84-$94 per night)

  • Talk-in and Event Communications Resources:

    • Talk-in: Digital; DMR Repeater:  Moses Lake Repeater Local 2 (440.925, TS 2, TG ID 3166)

    • Talk-in: FM; Whiskey Dick Repeater, W7UDI, 441.775, CTCSS encode 103.5

    • On-site and local area: FM; 146.52 Simplex and 446.000 Simplex

    • On-site and local area: DMR; Simplex: Simplex 3 (446.075, TS 1, TG 99)

    • On-Site and local area: DMR; Simplex: Alternate: Moses Lake Local 2 in talk-around mode

    • On-Site: DMR; Simplex: openSPOT: 434.000 simplex, CC 1, TS 1 (for demonstration also)

    • NOTE: Moses Lake Local 2 will be patched to openSPOT/Bridget on Local 2 Friday-Sunday

    • NOTE: Spokane/CdA Local 1 will be patched to Ellensburg/Moses Lake Local 1 from now through Sunday 11-20

Pre-Reads Optional:  Welcome to PNW DMR, Best Practices and Quick Start

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Sponsors and Vendors
Anonymous Donor, PNW DMR, Committee Members
Let's Get Ready, Spectrum Communications


Symposium Committee Members, such as we are:  KC7AAD, Rod, Spokane  //  W7DTS, Jim, Ephrata  //  KF7NQC, Joey, Moses Lake  //  N7MOT, Lenny, Coeur d'Alene  //  AF7PR, Rob, Tacoma  //  NO7RF, Mike, Mazama


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