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Pacific Northwest DMR
East Side DMR Symposium
Prize Drawings
November 18, 2017
 (last updated: 11/16/2017 20:29)


  • Grand prize: BFDx CS-580 UHF DMR HT, the PNW DMR recommended entry level HT

    •  Charged, programmed and ready to use by the winner with a temporary ID

      • Special pricing provided by Let's Get Ready for the Symposium.

      • We will have a few extra 580's for sale after breakfast at our cost, also programmed.

       Door prizes (check out the prize table, subject to change):

  • (3) Mag mount VHF/UHF antennas, cable and sma female connector for CS-580's

  • (2) Mag mount VHF/UHF antenna, cable and sma male connector for MD-380's

  • (1) 50 feet LMR-400 with choice of connectors (N-Male, N-Female or UHF Male)

  • (2) Laird GB8U Mag Mount with choice of connector with dual-band antenna (make/model TBA)

  • (2) Baofeng UV-5R's VHF/UHF HT's (not DMR and intended for silliness or target practice only)

  • other unannounced prizes are possible, check um out on the day of the event.

Da Rules

  • Free: 1 grand prize ticket (RED) to all confirmed (and paid) attendee Hams at door/sign-in table.

  • Free: 2 door prize tickets (BLUE) to all attendees.

  • Attendees may donate if they wish to help defray costs for putting on this event:

    • $5 donation for an extra Grand Prize ticket (maximum of 100 tickets in the in the Grand Prize jar).

    • $1 donation for an extra Door Prize ticket   (maximum of 200 tickets in the in the Door Prize jar).

  • Only Hams may win the grand prize.  Only 1 grand prize per Ham.

  • Call sign MUST be written on the red ticket dropped into the jar, call signs requested but optional on blue tickets.

  • Door prize tickets will be drawn throughout the day.  Door prizes can be won by anyone attending.

  • Door prize winner may elect to pass on any prize draw so his ticket can go back into the jar for a chance on a different prize.

  • Must be present to win, tickets will be drawn until a winner bolts up up front to claim their prize.

  • All event committee/planners/workers are able to participate in all drawings (no penalty to anyone for their willingness to make this event a success).


 Revised: 11/16/2017 20:29

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