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December 4, 2015:  The Vancouver WA repeater on Larch Mtn was installed and came on network at 0945.

November 25, 2015:  The Portland repeater was moved to another site (West Hills on the KGON tower), is now installed and is on network.  The early off-network repeater site had Internet issues so was moved here.

November 15, 2015:  The PNW 1 talkgroup was created to remove Washington 1 from the all PNW repeater comm.  This will allow Washington 1 and 2 to revert to their standard roles of Washington statewide talkgroups.

October 22, 2015:  The Portland repeater is now from the West Hills area and testing but off-network.

October 22, 2015:  The North Tacoma fill-in repeater is installed permanently and operating normally on the network.

January 9, 2015:  The Lynnwood/Gunnysack repeater went online.  Early reports are excellent for this local area repeater location.  Coverage into Arlington and some of Darlington is also available with a standard mobile of 40 watts and gain antenna.

January 5, 2015:  The Spokane Repeater (KC7AAD) is now online.  Rod KC7AAD is testing at low level pending a move to Lookout Point in the fall of 2015.  Mobile coverage is expected to be east to Coeur d'Alene, west to Sprague, north to Deer Park and south to Cheney.  This is about 70 miles of I-90 corridor coverage.  Only a few users are known to have DMR subscriber radios at this point.

October 24, 2014:  The PNW CS-700 codeplug is complete with RX Groups, Scan Lists, and all Washington contacts for all 5 repeaters.  This is a fairly complex codeplug but simple to use in the radio so read the txt file in the Directory for the very latest changes.

Codeplugs are problematic as there are many manufacturers of DMR radios and models within their product lines as well as simply, being time consuming to maintain each one.  While DCI will publish a codeplug from time to time, it really is much more fair if a kind soul from over on the West-side, with access to at least one of the repeaters will freshen up the plugs.  We will publish them if you submit them: Codeplugs

October 10, 2014:  The Tacoma Mt. Baldi repeater is now up and running and working very well thanks to Rob KG7KPH and Andy KK7TR.  Currently the repeater is operational on a 4 bay folded dipole array and Omni with vertical separation.  Another 4 bay is on order and additional height is planned on trips before the snow flies this year.  So coverage improvements are still in the works and that may also include a RF amplifier for slightly better fill in as well as neutralize losses in the RF system.

The Seattle Cougar Mtn repeater (XPR-8300 @ 52 watts ERP) is on the air and on the DCI network as of December 7, 2013 courtesy of Andy, KK7TR and Jim, N7MAQ.  HT coverage to SeaTac airport and downtown is fairly dependable as is the Microsoft campus.  The list of talkgroups (above) shows most of what is available but others may be added as listed on DCI.  PTT indicated that the talkgroup is part-time linked and that you must kerchunk that TG briefly to turn on that TG.  More information is on the DCI talkgroup page.

We are closely affiliated with the repeater groups in British Columbia.  The New Westminster Amateur Radio Club supports a repeater in their city.  The Mt Seymour repeater as well as the BC-TRBO c-Bridge is sponsored by the British Columbia Frequency Modulation Communications Association.  Additionally this new IPSC network has all repeaters located in a compact regional footprint and brings all repeaters onto a very robust network with more features available to PNW users and repeater owners.

August 20, 2013:  Mt Seymour (Vancouver BC Canada) came online  and has extensive coverage in Vancouver, West out to Bowden and Vancouver Islands, East to Chilliwack and South into Bellingham WA.  Coverage to Mt Baker is expected.

There is now a PNW mailing list:  IT will primarily be used as a point of dissemination of updates, change or additions to  and of interest to the users of the PNW.  The list members are able to post as well if desired.

March 4, 2013:  Cougar Mountain is the home to the first Western Washington Ham TRBO repeater.  Cougar is about 17 miles ENE of downtown Seattle or 19 miles NE of Sea-Tac International Airport and is at about 1,405 feet.  The first repeater (3/4/13) was sponsored by Greg, NF6C (more info in the legacy section at the end). 

July 19, 2009:  Mazama/Winthrop repeater are located in North Central Washington at the base of the Cascades Mountain range. These repeaters are low level but do cover from Early Winters at the West end of the Methow Valley down valley to the town of Twisp.

The PNW network has access to DCI, DMR-MARC and many other independent c-Bridges for maximum Talkgroup access in the USA, CAN-TRBO in Canada, IT-DMR in Italy as well as MARC's regional and wide area talkgroups.

We will work to add California networks or repeaters already in service that can provide additional Interstate 5 coverage.  This is highly problematic now with CalDMR's closed approach to sharing TG's.  Still no Oregon repeaters known to be on any IPSC networks.

The main talkgroups networked talkgroups are "Washington 1 and 2", "BC 1", "Canada 2", "DCI 1 and 2" and MARC's North America 2 and Worldwide 2"Wash 1" or "BC 1"are perfect for general QSO's or testing .  These talkgroups are on full time or via a simple PTT.  See our Talkgroups page for more details or the Matrix for excruciating detail. 

LEGACY INFORMATION - First WA Coastal Repeaters installed by NF6C - March 4, 2013

Update:  Greg pulled down the repeaters in of 2014, the history of the 2 MTR's is interesting and full circle...later this same year, Cougar came back to life...

With Cougar Mountain and Mt Baldi now deployed, we are expecting to provide mobile coverage from 20-30 miles South of Tacoma (Centralia), then North up I-5 to Bellingham, most of the  Puget Sound area., much of the Peninsula and East to North Bend out I-90.  We expect the coverage areas will include about 175 miles of I-5, most of I-405 and 45 miles of I-90 corridors.  We also wish to expand to other areas of Washington including Spokane for the I-90 corridor as well as Oregon in the coming months.  Roaming should be useful for the freeway commuters and is supported by all repeaters except Eastern Washington.

Mt Baldi (4000') was the second Western Washington repeater and provided wide area coverage from South of Olympia north into Seattle with extensive coverage East and West of Interstate -5 corridor.  It is now gone, Greg NF6C having relocated to California.

The Cougar Mountain repeater was installed on March 4, 2013.  The networking's "last mile" (pair of Ubiquiti Loco M5's) was installed on March 24, making this first Seattle TRBO repeater (MTR3000), the first West side repeater to be added to the DCI IPSC network. The Baldi repeater was installed on May 19, 2013 after waiting for a month for the snow to diminish.

Greg NF6C has plans to get additional MTR-3000s deployed in the very near future.  Other MTR-3000's will follow which will extend coverage to be from South Olympia to Bellingham to the North as well as into Oregon (by way of another group).  This should provide mostly HT coverage of about 180 miles of Interstate 5 coverage in Washington ultimately as well as wide swathes East and West of I-5 into the surrounding cities.  Oregon will add another patch of over 100 miles of Interstate-5 coverage also with a repeater testing on network at low level now.

PNW repeaters now cover major areas of: Tacoma, Seattle, Bellingham, Winthrop, Vancouver BC.  If you have any interest in putting up a TRBO repeater in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington and Idaho), please contact us as we would like to assist you as much as possible.


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