July 28 to July 30, 2023

Demonstration Repeater to be at Valley Camp on the PNWDigital Network

This event repeater is sponsored by PNWDigital and is in addition to the current Valley Camp UHF DMR repeater and the new East Tiger VHF DMR repeater (very wide coverage).

The demonstration repeater will be in place by Friday Evening and will depart by noon Sunday.

The repeater will be using the Capital Peak pair and color code. The talkgroup deck is listed below. So if you have a Capital Peak zone, just select it to use for the Valley Camp event.

More details on this event are available at: pnwdigital.net/gathering-2023/

For user convenience, we suggest creating a new zone in your radio and besides this repeater’s channels, adding the following to this same zone so that switching around is as simple as spinning the channel selector without zoning around.


  • Valley Camps repeater talkgroup of interest (suggest Local 1, Metro 2, PNW Regional, Washington 1)
  • Event Repeater channels/talkgroups listed below
  • Analog Simplex: 146.52, 223.50, 446.00
  • Digital Simplex: U1: 441.00, V1: 145.79 minimum for maximum commonality / (See programming web page)
    • Other UHF and VHF simplex on the simplex programming page are optional

You may see the network activity of this repeater on the web at: PNW-A CallWatch

Event Talkgroup Deck (using the Capital Peak frequency pair)

Repeater TX is on: 444.7125 /// Repeater RX is: 449.7125 // Color Code: 1

  • This Talkgroup Deck is primarily on PTT as it is a demonstration repeater and Valley Camp has a repeater onsite for normal comms
Audio Test 299992P2/0
BC 130271P15/3
California 131061P15/3
Canada 23022P15/3
Cascades 131911P15/3
I-5 131681P15/3
Idaho 131161P15/3
Local 131811FT/5
Metro 231662FT/5
MCT TS 1 On167710311All TG’s on TS 1 are On 55 for minutes
MCT TS 1 Off167700311All TG’s on TS 1 are Off 15 for minutes
MCT TS 2 On167710421All TG’s on TS 2 are On 55 for minutes
MCT TS 2 Off167700421All TG’s on TS 2 are Off 15 for minutes
Montana 231302P15/3
Oregon 131411P15/3
Parrot 199981P1/0
PNW 131871FT/3
PNW 21031872FT/3
PNW Rgnl 2317712FT/3
TAC 1-289512P15/3
TAC 2-289522P15/3
TAC 3-289532P15/3
TAC 310-23102P5/3
Utah 231492P15/3
Washington 131531P15/3
Washington 21031532P15/3
NOTE: Bolded TG’s are primary for this event // FT/PTT status may change until event gets closer)

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