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BC New Westminster BC-TRBO Affiliate, NWARC 444.6000 +5 Mhz CC1
BC Vancouver - Mt Seymour BC-TRBO Affiliate, BCFMCA, Wide area coverage; South to Bellingham 443.4000 +5 Mhz CC1
BC West Vancouver - Ambleside BC-TRBO Affiliate, VA7BC, low level, 25 watts, VA7BC 443.8500 +5 Mhz CC1
BC Whistler - Blackcomb Mtn BC-TRBO Affiliate, 2,200 meters, 15 watts, VE7WRP 443.8500 +5 Mhz CC2
ID Coeur d'Alene - Blossom Ridge I-90 corridor coverage, about 69 miles from 4th of July Pass ID to Four Lakes WA (Hwy 904), north to Sagle  440.9250* +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
ID Saint Maries - Temp Site Installed/ on network at a lower level for winter, high site in Spring / This repeater, site and hardware is owned by Jeff KB7SIJ, currently on the CdA manager  443.7500+5Mhz; CC1

All Oregon Repeaters (below in Green) are open for reasonable use with little to no restrictions on QSO time

OR Corbett - Lookout Point Installed and on the network 444.1500 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Gresham - Hospital Gresham area & East Multnomah County 443.1000 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Newberg - MtnTopRd I-5, Lower level but with wide coverage 444.4875 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Portland - PPMC Providence Portland Medical Center, Open use. Portland eastside, and along the I-84 corridor. Willamette River west to Gresham east. Vancouver north to Oregon City south. Net 2 available. 444.8375 +5 Mhz CC7
OR Portland - Mount Scott Portland & Vancouver, WA, Multnomah County & Portions of Clackamas, Washington & Clark County, WA 441.3250 +5 Mhz CC7
OR Salem - Orchard I-5, Lower level but with wide coverage, possibly July 2018 442.8875 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Bellingham - Lookout VHF Wide area coverage, I-5 corridor; joint project with the Mt Baker Radio Club 146.5000*  +1 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Bellingham - Lookout UHF Wide area coverage, I-5 corridor; Everett to Vancouver BC 440.9250*  +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Boistfort - BawFaw VHF Wide area I-5, Portland OR to Tacoma WA / Astoria OR to north of Ocean Shores WA 146.5000* +1 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Bremerton - Gold Mtn Wide area I-5, Downtown Seattle; Puget Sound to Lynnwood 440.7000* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Chinook Megler VHF - Megler WA TG Deck / Mobile coverage: Rockaway Beach OR to Westport WA, Pacific Ocean to I-5 147.4375* -1.1Mhz; CC1
WA Cosmopolis - Metro VHF Hwy 12 fill-in from Olympia/Grand Mound to the coast, Long Beach to North of Taholah, install sometime in 2019 maybe... 147.4125* -1 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Ellensburg - SunEast VHF I-90 from Easton to Vantage and parts East of Vantage, well South of Ellensburg toward Yakima 147.4125* -1 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Ellensburg - SunEast UHF I-90 from Cle Elum to 7 miles west of Vantage, Ellens/Moses heatmap 440.9250* +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
WA Ephrata - Beasley Hill VHF I-90 from West of Vantage to East of Ritzville, North to Coulee City, South past Royal City and Othello, install by end of November, join effort by the Central Washington ARC and PNW DMR 147.4125* -1 Mhz; CC1 - BP
WA Everson - Sumas Mt WA Operating low level but with wide coverage, onsite in the spring 2019 440.3750 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Longview/Kelso - Rainier Hill Wide area, I-5, Portland, OR to Napavine, WA 441.7000 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Longview/Kelso - Columb Hts Columbia Heights North side, On-Air 3-17-18 and on network 3-24-18 444.7125 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Mazama UHF - Mazama Mazama area, North Central WA, low level 433.15 +16.5 Mhz CC3 - BP
WA Mazama VHF - Mazama North Central WA, Carlton to just below Washington Pass 145.2100 +2.78 Mhz CC3 - BP
WA Moses Lake - Frenchman UHF I-90 from Vantage to Ritzville, Moses/Ellens heatmap, VHF in planning stage 440.9250* +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
WA North Bend - Valley Camp Local area repeater in and around North Bend (Tacoma/Ruston pair) 440.7250* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Olympia - Capitol Peak I-5 corridor coverage, Castle Rock to Seattle plus Coastal 440.7125*  +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
WA Oso - Frailey I-5 from SeaTac to Burlington, Darington to Sequim, Anacortes, Oak Harbor & Whidbey 444.1500* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Seattle - Cougar Mtn Wide area, I-5 corridor; Tacoma to Everett 441.2875 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Seattle - East Tiger Wide area coverage of I-90, I-405 and I-5 442.0250 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Seattle - Metro Online and on network with a commanding view of downtown and the sound 441.3250 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Snoqualmie - Rattlesnake Rdg  I-90 Travel Corridor, Seattle to Ellensburg 147.020 +.6 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Southwest - Ariel Wide area coverage in the Southwest Washington 147.4125* -1 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Spokane - Krell UHF, 1 Adding coverage South of Spokane, fill-in 444.1250 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Spokane - Krell VHF Onsite and on network as of 8-25-18 147.4125* -1 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Spokane - Lookout Pt Wide area, I-90 corridor; Ritzville to Coeur d'Alene 444.1500* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Sultan - Haystack HKS Network repeater; wide area, I-5 corridor / More info 444.4000 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Tacoma - Baldi Mt - 900 900 Mhz repeater is planned for Late 2019                    Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Tacoma - Baldi Mt VHF Motorola Mobile RAS Radios Only, Info 146.4375 +1 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Tacoma - Baldi Mt UHF Wide area, I-5 corridor; Olympia to Seattle 441.3500 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Tacoma Nor - Ruston Tacoma / Seattle area fill-in (Valley Camp pair) 440.7250* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Tri-Cities - Jump Off Joe VHF Installed and on network / Temp Heatmap <More> 146.4250  +1 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Tri-Cities - Jump Off Joe UHF Temporary repeater to assist in getting this site set-up <More> 440.7375* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA-bm Vancouver - Larch KB7APU Open Brandmeister //  BM statewides on TS 2; Idaho, Oregon, Washington & PNW Regional 2 on full time  <More> 442.9625 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Vancouver - Larch 900 Open Use 900 Mhz repeater; installed, on-network and operational 927.1500 -25 Mhz CC1
WA Wenatchee - Lower Badger Hwy 97 from Entiat to Rock Island, Hwy 2 from Cashmere to Wenatchee 443.7500  +5 Mhz CC1
WA Yakima - Elephant I-82 from Ellensburg to Kennewick 147.1200 +.6 Mhz CC1 - BP

OR-SAR (Oregon Search and Rescue - Mountain Wave Emergency Communications); short QSO's Only Please on OR-SAR Repeaters

OR-SAR Buxton - Green Mtn Hwys 6, 26 & 47 in Columbia & Washington counties OR 444.0250 +5 Mhz CC9
OR-SAR Colton - Goat Mtn Wide area, Clackamas County, I-5; Lebanon to Portland 442.7500 +5 Mhz CC1
OR-SAR Hebo - Mt Hebo North coast, Portions of Central OR   (MCT soon) 442.8125 +5 Mhz CC1
OR-SAR Megler WA - Megler SAR Repeater / Southwest WA & Northwest OR coastal & Inland 444.2375  +5 Mhz CC9
OR-SAR Portland - West Hills Wide area, I-5; Salem to Longview WA, Site Info 440.6250 +5 Mhz CC1
OR-SAR Redmond - Gray Butte Wide area Hwy 97; Crescent to Shaniko possible 442.9500* +5 Mhz CC1
OR-SAR Timberline - MT Hood Wide area, I-5 from Salem to Vancouver, Bend to Maupin 442.9875 +5 Mhz CC1
ORSAR Salem - House Mtn Very wide area coverage: Lancaster OR to St. Helens WA 442.9750 +5 Mhz CC1
OR-SAR Vancouver WA Larch UHF SAR Repeater / Wide area; I-5, Southern WA & Northern OR 442.9500* +5 Mhz CC1
OR-SAR Vancouver WA Hospital SAR Repeater / Wide area; I-5, Southern WA & Northern OR 146.7300  -.6 Mhz CC1
Notes:  OR-SAR repeaters have a different operating policy, please read it prior to use of any repeaters on the OR-SAR Manager  //  Frequency is user radio Rx, Offset is user radio Tx  //  Grey shades indicates not online; pending install, in planning, repair, delayed or shelved // If you wish to contact the repeater owner, click on the color code link  //  * = duplicated Frequency/Color Code // Heatmaps are approximate only

National Digital Simplex Frequencies  (12.5Khz or less)

UHF: 1) 441.0000   2) 446.5000   3) 446.0750   4) US & Europe 433.450    --    VHF: 1) 145.7900   2) 145.5100

TG ID: 99 / CC 1 / TS 1 / "Admit Criteria": TXI or Always / "In Call Criteria": Always / 446.0750 & 145.5100 are PNW's primary simplex