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Oregon has historically had 2 independent groups on the PNW DMR Network, known as Oregon South and Oregon North.  Oregon North (now OR-SAR) is a SAR group and has a different operational policy from that of the rest of Oregon and the PNW Network.  With the recent addition of Megler VHF, Gresham - Mount Hood Medical Center (MHMC), Portland - Mount Scott and 2 more repeaters to come online soon, PNW DMR now has more Oregon repeaters that are similar to the Washington and Oregon South repeaters operating rules and talkgroup decks. 

Changes have been made to now refer to Oregon North as OR-SAR, Oregon South is now Oregon and the new Oregon repeaters are Oregon as well.  This will hopefully make it simpler for users to understand the differences between Oregon and OR-SAR.   Oregon and OR-SAR now each have their own matrix.

This box contains information for timely reference to recent changes and will be removed at some point in the future.

The I-84 Group consists of likeminded of hams who want to increase open DMR coverage in in Portland, promote the use of DMR for ARES, EmComm and hospital disaster communications and  I-84 transportation route mobile coverage in Oregon and  the I-84 transportation route mobile coverage in Oregon.  This group consists of Joel N7LF, Jim KA7AGH and Paul K7PN.  These three hams are the main force behind the deployment of these first two repeaters which were installed and on-network as of 8-2-19.  If you wish to contact this group, email their team at: i-84-group@wa7dmr.net

The I-84 Group completed the deployment of Portland-Mount Scott and Gresham-MHMC on Friday August 2, 2019.  They have plans for a third repeater soon and ultimately to expand east along I-84, with the hope of encouraging others to expand mobile DMR coverage along I-84 towards Salt Lake City, Utah.

The new Oregon repeaters are listed in the repeater page They are open for use by any ham.  The talkgroup decks are being formulated now and are preliminarily published in the new Oregon Talkgroup Matrix. This process has not been completed as yet.

A new talkgroup has been created and is labeled as I-84 (TG ID 31419 on timeslot 2).  This talkgroup is a linked local type of talk for use by participating repeaters in Oregon and potentially some in southern Washington.  It is loosely patterned after I-5 but not restricted to short QSO's as this is a PNW internal TG.  This talkgroup is shared generally among repeaters located near the I-84 transportation route with the agreement of the I-84 group.


For more information, please write to the I-84 Group at:  i-84-group@wa7dmr.net


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