Baldi's VHF and 900 Mhz "MotoTRBO" Repeaters

Baldi VHF and 900 Mhz are experimental repeaters in concept, a departure from the many other repeaters on the PNWDigital network. 

We have elected to publish the information on these repeaters on our Repeaters page in the spirit of ham experimentation and testing of various services that we may be developing.  Special uses of these repeaters will not disrupt normal member activity on our other repeaters. 

The PNWDigital Admin Team does require users of these repeaters to use ONLY MotoTRBO radios and that use is by invitation please. 

If you are interested in access to these repeaters but have not yet received your "invitation", you are welcome to inquire further and reach out to the admin Team for access.  However, your request may come with strings.  If you do wish to have access, please write to the team and let us know more about yourself as well as providing the team with any technical abilities that you may have which that you would be willing to share with the team that can benefit the PNWDigital network development.

More information is available in the PNW IO Group in <WiKi>

All PNWDigital.Net members are welcome to listen to the repeaters if you have an interest in experimentation or otherwise are simply curious. 


For more information, please inquire:


Revised: 04/16/2020 09:16

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