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The official PNWDigital.Net Network home page is located at: PNWDigital.Net

This is a secondary site and mostly a kludge of old, rather stale files going back to 2009 and crossing several iterations of Ham DMR network or organization monikers or activities in North America.  It will not be updated often and is almost a legacy site for those prior years.

However there are new and updated files as well.  Good luck finding the gems!  This site supports the mission of the primary PNWDigital.Net Network website but it's content doesn't fit the new model nor is it easy to bring this content there.  So it lives on here and will support the work of the PNWDigital.Net Network in other ways.

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Please check out the Links page, our alpha index file, as it lists many more files than does the banner at the top of this site's pages.



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